Saturday, July 16, 2011

Learn a lot, earn a lot...or not!

Hey There! How've you been?

So, This blog was meant to be a portfolio, right? There's a story behind each of my designs, and I want you to share that with me. I'll be showcasing the graphics and the process for getting to the finished product - plus you'll get to see how I've grown as a graphic artist!

Study Bucks [...first flyer I ever did]

Learn a lot; earn a lot...or not!
Back in 2009, during my stint as a Resident Assistant, I was required to organize 2 programs every month for my residents/students. Sounds easy, right? Add to that the pressure of dealing with several students daily, keeping your grades up and sourcing for funding for your program. Changes the whole game, doesn't it? 

Anyway, I got the inspiration for the program from a picture on the wall of one of the Halls, and decided to work at it. Worked on this flyer from 11pm to 5am on a Tuesday. I was trying to get everything right (of course forgetting I had class in 4 hours). I thought, "If the flyer looks good, a lot of people are gonna participate." Right? Well, guess what happened?

My Program was canceled for being too 'expensive'! What can I say, people? I think big; I roll deep...


  1. Lol, really.. why did they say that??

  2. Lol - they didn't want to 'waste' all that money on a program. They wanted me to do a program with no monetary sacrifice. What they failed to realize is that if you want college kids to do something, promise to feed them, and fulfill it. You are guaranteed a turn out - even if its just for the food.


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