Saturday, July 16, 2011

Pilot !

Hey There!

You're prolly wondering who I am? Well, this is my official foray into the world of blogging (aka blogsville), so let me introduce myself. The name's Bond. James Bond.

LOL - kiddin! The name's Chijioke Nweke. Pronounced [chee-jee-oh-kay] [n-way-kay]. If you find that a mouthful, no problem - I go by C.J. as well, or on this beautiful blogosphere, @ceejaynweke. I'm a student presently @ Morgan State University, studying Biology; thinking of minoring in Graphic Design. Always known I got a thing for art, but I think I found out late that I have a thing for graphics. I thank The Holy Spirit for that - because I never knew I had it in me! He helped me bring it out. Before I go into that, a little about me (as much as I can remember now).

I love colors. I love blending them and mixing them, and making them into something beautiful. I pay attention to details - a lot! I'm the guy who'll see you and , out of your whole outfit, compliment you on your socks or tie or your hair - even with a hat on. I love fashion - not a lot to go crazy over it, but I love it! I like to dress nice. Feels good to dress like a king everyday. I'm especially into ties. I'm gonna have a tie store someday. I love using those colors and making them into something attractive. I love designing stuff, and pushing myself to do more. I love doing stuff, basically. Let's find out more stuff that I love...Cool?

Music. OMG! So, I have this cool grand plan of running a record label - I love beats! I haven't started making them yet, but there are so many ideas swirling around in this cranium of mine, and you'll get to hear some of them one day. I love music a lot. Presently, I have over 20 gigabytes of music - all gospel, beautiful stuff. Hit me up if U want me to DJ ur party and U in the Baltimore And You must know that I have favorite musicians. Well, they change from time to time, but for the last 2 years, my favorite musician has been @FrankEdwards. The Dude is Simply Awesome! He makes music that makes you want to dance, or lift your hands in worship, or just sing along and move your body to the rhythm. And his tunes are different, and unique. Man! Simply Amazing. Don't get me wrong, I absolutely adore all members of the LoveWorld Music Ministry. T-Sharp, Chris Shalom (one of my faves right now), Ada Dasings (another one of my faves), Joe Praize (his 'The Presence' Video was HOT! ), Evangelist Kathy (amazing and beautiful woman of God), Ralph the saxophonist (powerful minister, I tell you), Isaiah Samson, ObiShine, and my own Aunty @Sinach! Sinach is such an anointed Singer, and a powerful minister of God - she has sung lame people out of their wheelchairs! Lest I forget, Me Pastor est aussi chanteur bien! Who can forget the 'Moments of Worship with Pastor Chris' series? Yes! Also, TB1, PD, Osh (one of the best producers on the planet), J-Treash, Kasid, Samsong, and so many more. These are just musicians in Believers' LoveWorld that I know. However, I know and respect so many other musicians out there that are doing good music. In case you don;t know, I'm a fan of Gospel Rap/Hip-Hop. Big Time. And if you know me, you'll know of my love for peeps like Lecrae, Trip Lee, The Ambassador, Tedashii, J-Son, K-Drama, FLAME, D-Maub, PRo, Sho Baraka, Da' Truth, and the like. Bottom line: I love gospel music, gospel musicians, and I’m a gospel musician myself. Code name: Tha Evangelist. LOL! (Fo real tho).

Cuisines. I love cuisines. Different national dishes. I like trying out new foods – really interesting stuff. In fact, lemme tell you a mini-story. On the 4th of July, 2010, I and my friends went downtown Baltimore to hang out for the Independence Day Celebration. We decided to have dinner at a Lebanese restaurant close by. Big ups to @BibiKay for the hook-up. [Make sure to follow her, by the way]. I tried reading the menu so I could place an order. I might as well have been reading Sanskrit or deciphering Hieroglyphs . We all had no idea what we were about to order. I could make out ‘lamb’ on one of the lines of the menu, so I pointed to that when the waiter came around. Guess what? I LOVED IT! Was so amazing! Still have no idea what it was to this day. My friend, @KingObi, was not so fortunate in his gamble – he could barely eat half of what he ordered. Too Bad. Next time I’m thinking of going out, I might try Lebanese one more time. I’m definitely gonna need help from the HolySpirit though!

People. I love people. Honestly. It pains my heart to see someone who doesn’t have as much as I do, and that compassion, that love, drives me to do things to help them. I love people – taking care of them, seeing to their wellbeing, making sure they are OK. Maybe that’s why I want to be a Medical Doctor. Who knows? @stburnish recently called me a cool name, #TheRealCareBear. I think I am a carebear. Thing is, I don’t want to get too overbearing that people don’t want to see me anymore. You know, that’s the reason why you don’t parent everyone. 

Jesus. Most of all, I love Jesus. And He Loves Me too. He loves me so much, he gave me his love to love him back with, and to love others too. Maybe that’s why I love people so much – I see them with the same value and worth that God sees them, and I cannot wait to share the good news of Jesus’ salvation with them. And this part of me is the most important part of all. 

Speaking of sharing the good news, I’m about to go for ROR ReachOut at a Train Station with my BLW Baltimore Family! #ExcitedMuch! Gonna make  a change in people’s lives. See you when I get back! 

Till then, keep living in an atmosphere of miracles. God Bless you. Have fun!!

Picture of me sampling one of my cuisines recently.
Have no idea what I ordered - again! LOL
Yes, those are 3-D glasses. What??

Frank Edwards doing his thing in his latest video, 'Oya'. Even the way the music changes rhythms tells you he is top notch. Enjoy!


  1. Great blog, CJ. All the best!!

  2. You came! Ms. Feisty, You came!! Much appreciated! Thank You!

  3. Wow you sound like an interesting person :) I've always wanted to know how to do my own graphics. It's on my things to learn in life. :) You will probably love my friend's blog: It's filled with gospel music :) xx

  4. Thanks so much, journeytoprint (Nogo)! Love ur blog! Very well arranged!
    Will definitely check out Your friend's blog. Thanks!


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